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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Good Practice at the Gas Station

Posted by Roger Bee

Gas prices are getting more and more ridiculous. And it’s going to keep increasing with no limit in sight! For the new car owners out there, do you know that a gallon of unleaded gasoline used to cost only $1.25?Therefore, it is becoming more and more important to maximize your money and save at the gas station.
Save at the Gas Pump - Real Money Saving Tips!

Avoid filling gas tank to top

  • Overfilling results in sloshing over and out of tank. Never fill gas tank past the first "click" of fuel nozzle, if nozzle is automatic.

Don’t Top Off

  • The gas pump needs time to draw out the full amount of gas, so when you purchase a bit of gas the station, you get short bursts of fuel that you'll probably pay extra for. You should refill your tank when you have less than half a talk left or when you find a price that is so low you cannot afford to miss it.

Buy Gasoline When the Weather is Cool
  • Gasoline is denser in cooler temperatures, such as in the morning or at night. Buy gasoline at the coolest time of day. Early morning or late evening is best. Keep in mind - Gas stations measure volume, not density, so you'll be getting more solid fuel than vapors, thus improving your overall gas mileage.

Use a Gasoline Credit Card

  • Gasoline credit cards are great! Some credit cards are offering great gas savings. It works the same way that frequent flyer miles do- you get a bonus every time you fill up. They can save you 5% – 10% off your gasoline purchase. If you put 20 gallons in your car at $3.00 per gallon, that’s $60. A 5% cash back would save you $3.00 making your effective cost per gallon just $2.85. It’s like getting a free gallon of gas with every fill up! You’re going to fill up anyway, so take advantage of the bonus!

Join the ‘club’
  • Gas stations are starting to offer great, money saving membership programs. Some grocery and department stores are also giving huge discounts at the gas pump when you use their store card. It’s worth checking into.

Shop Around
  • This is the advice that you can apply anytime you buy anything. Always shop around. You can get a cheaper price for your favorite brand, and probably a yet cheaper price for a different brand. Check out gas prices on the internet. There are websites that will let you find the best deals on gas in your area, without having to drive around looking for them.

Use the right gas
  • Use the cheapest gas possible. Most cars nowadays are built to run on regular unleaded gas. Purchasing higher octane gas is simply a waste of money. Octane measures how hard it is to ignite gas, not the quality of the gas, so getting higher octane gas will not improve fuel efficiency. Get only the octane level gas you need. Remember, the higher the octane, the higher the price. Check your owner's manual to determine the right octane level for your car. You should only get these more expensive gases when your engine pings, knocks or rattles.

Avoid Gas Stations That Just Refilled Their Tanks
  • When underground tanks are refilled, particles at the bottom of the tank get stirred up, and when these particles get into your gasoline tank, they affect the fuel efficiency of your car.

Pump Your Own Gas
  • It's cheaper to pump your own gas at the self-serve stations rather than using the full-serve pumps. Full-serve gasoline naturally costs more.

Choose type and brand of gasoline carefully
  • Certain brands provide you with greater economy because of better quality. Use the brands which "seem" most beneficial.

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