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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brown Gas

Posted by Roger Bee

HHO gas or also call Brown's gas is produced by electrolysis of water and the technique was patented by Yull Brown in the mid-1970s. Roughly 10 years before he patented the hydrogen and oxygen (oxyhydrogen) gas in Australia, William A. Rhodes patented a similar method of producing HHO gas in the United States. However, Rhodes did not promote the HHO gas like Yull Brown did. Actually, it was only with the arrival of the Internet and inherent searches that Rhodes has recently come into the limelight and perhaps the first inventor of this innovation.

Scientists at rest still don't completely agree on just what Brown's gas is. What is known is that water (H2O) is electrolyzed with an electric current and convert water into a gas form, releasing two atoms of hydrogen and one oxygen atom. How hydrogen and oxygen loosely attach to one another when in its gas formation is often debated by the professional. What is certain and has been demonstrated time and again, that Brown's gas is combustible and can generate a burning effect. Brown and Rhodes both have developed welding systems based upon HHO gas. In one of his video, Yull Brown actually burns the skin on his forearm just to demonstrate and prove that his HHO welding torch flame is real.

The name Brown's gas is an unjustified name for such a clean burning fuel. (Also referred to as HHO) It is truly very clean burning and the only emissions or byproduct is a small amount of H20 or water vapor. When employed inside a hydrogen booster, Brown's gas will assist the car to increase gas mileage and lower emission. This is because it all starts with water and ends with water. Water is turned into gas via electrolysis, and is burned inside a car's cylinders and the end result is water. Brown's gas complement a gasoline or diesel engine car with clean burning fuel so that the combustion action inside the cylinder can burn more completely and with a slight increase of horsepower and torque to your engine. Yes, Brown is the new green. And, Brown's gas is just the fuel to help turn the skies a little bluer.

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