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Fuel Valley is committed to helping motorists get a better deal on fuel economy by providing them with easily accessible information. Our aim is to alleviate motorists’ frustrations with rising fuel price variations by providing some useful tips, reliable reviews of fuel saving products and discuss about current development in the marketplace. Fuel Valley is committed to providing accurate and reliable data.
Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Warning Lable: Water Car Reviews

Posted by Roger Bee

Fuel Valley aims to provide the most trusted reviews of water to gas converter guides that are available on the internet. Currently, we have reviewed 23 water to gas converter guides and ranked the top 6 guides with complete reviews written on them. Recent rise of gas prices to ridiculous levels have caused people to seek ways of running their car on alternative fuels. Water to gas converters have emerged as the safest and most efficient way to save money and increase mileage.

Benefits of water to gas converters include:

* Save Money (Up to 60%)
* Reduce Emissions
* Increase Mileage Up To 430% In MPG (Miles Per Gallon)
* 100% Reversible (Will Not Void Your Warranty)
* Safe and Easy to Set Up
* Low Cost
* Receive IRS Refunds For Using Green Technology.

While the benefits are significant, most water to gas converter guides do a poor job at presenting the information.

Most guides suffer from the following problems:

* Too technical for the average person
* Poorly written instructions
* No pictures or illustrations to aid understanding
* Not detailed enough
* Not user-friendly
* No customer support at all!

After reviewing 23 websites and their guides, we have found that only a handful provide high quality information and give genuine value. We have ranked the Top 6 Guides with full reviews for your comparison.

**Warning: There were 17 other water to gas converter guides that we reviewed and tested but most of them were very poor quality while some were outright scams. If you are looking to buy another guide that is not listed here, we highly advise you to think twice because you will most likely NOT be able to build or install your own water to gas converter and will just be wasting your money.** With that, our review has come to an end and we hope you find it useful. We look forward to bringing you more reviews and updates!

Best Wishes,
The FuelValley.blogspot.com Team


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