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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Run Your Car On Water Review

Posted by Roger Bee

Rating: Photobucket

Warning : Read this Before Your Proceed Further. Some Hydrogen Kits May Reduce MPG. We Tested 23 Different Kits and only 6 Met our Quality Measures.

Our 5th choice is "Run Your Car On Water", a 3 manual water to gas converter guide with the main ebook coming to 115 pages. The guide is well-laid out. This Site has some fancy graphics and a virtual sales lady to talk to you which is unique. They have a manual that guides you through the process of building and installing and include some original drawings and instructions as well, that make the process almost painless, so you can start saving money quickly.
The guide is pretty concise and goes into much detail on the steps to build your own water to gas converter. However, a lot of technical terms and techniques are used that would most likely boggle the vehicle "novice". Car mechanics may find this guide to be sufficient but we are not sure the "average guy" can fully benefit from it. Photos are a bit lacking where complicated instructions are given. The guide leaves much to desire.

The design for its water to gas converter is almost similar to "Half Water Half Gas" but the guide clearly lacks the presentation to teach you how to build one. No test results are given to prove its effectiveness and thus their claims are less reliable.They do a pretty thorough job of dealing with this rapidly changing subject (though not as detailed as our number one choice), it's a decent system for the money, and certainly one of the least expensive manuals available on this subject. At just under $50, it’s cheaper than the other programs we have reviewed, so if you are budget conscious and tight on money, this is a good choice. Manual and 7 free reports included in the price.

Customer support is also a weak point. They provide only email support and are not as responsive. Although their staff are friendly, they took a few days to reply our emails which really ticked us off.

2 other bonuses are given but do not help in raising the quality of the guide. Not much effort is made to make the guide easier to understand for the average person. Overall, not recommended for the vehicle "novice" and is placed at our No.5 spot.


* IRS Refunds : They can qualify for tax rebates for driving an environmentally-friendly vehicle.

  • Can be easily installed.
  • Can be easily removed without leaving any traces.
  • The Runyourcarwithwater device can be easily assembled with materials you can find in your local hardware store.
  • Has a no-questions-asked money back guarantee. You have 56 days to decide if this system is good enough for you.
  • Can be installed to 99% of motor vehicles

For more information please visit the official website: "Run A Car On Water"


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