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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

HHO Fuel

Posted by Roger Bee

HHO fuel is employed in both welding industry and the automotive industry for different purposes. HHO fuel is converted by electrolyzing water (H2O) into its separate form, atoms of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, thus the HHO acronym. When HHO is used as fuel in a welding torch, it can burn at temperatures of over 6,000 degrees F and the byproduct may be a little water, making it very clean burning. The gas is sometimes called oxyhydrogen and the welding equipment is often referred to as a water torch. Often used for cutting heavy duty metals parts and plastics. As mentioned earlier, HHO fuel is also refer to as Brown's gas or Rhodes gas, and a product called Aquygen developed by Denny Klein.

Nevertheless HHO fuel for cars is a whole new different topic. Instead of creating a consistent flame for welding, HHO fuel is used to increase and subsequently complement gasoline or diesel internal combustion engine and assist in the burning process to burn up fuel more thoroughly. The HHO fuel will assist engine burn more cleanly, displace some gasoline or diesel, and increase a slight improvement in horsepower. Since clean burning HHO fuel is added to the equation, the car will deliver increase in gas mileage and reduced emissions.

There's been lots of confusion in the scientific community about what HHO fuel is and isn't. Some scientists dispute over as what type of connection that hydrogen and oxygen atoms have when it is in the HHO form. What cannot be argued though is it has been acknowledged to work over and over again, HHO gas is indeed flammable and burns cleanly.
One new automaker called Ronn Motors, of Austin Texas has introduce their exotic car, the Scorpion that supplements its gasoline engine with HHO fuel. Unlike other million dollar exotic cars that get six or seven miles to the gallon, the Scorpion receives up to 40 mpg. Not bad. Not bad at all for a muscles car.


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